Apple has so much more where Nike+ came from

Apple has a batch diagrams and patent-speak that it just shuffled past the patent office, detailing a next-generation Nike+ system that will make runners jump for joy, and non-athletes groan in agony. We're not sure if this is going to be something that Nike can just build shoes for and use existing Apple hardware, or if this'll be a reworking of the whole kit, but there's a lot of new stuff going on here. The system relies on integrating GPS and additional shoe-based sensors into the system, put to work in measuring your stride, the condition of the shoe, and perhaps even blasting you advertisements along your run route. The system can measure your velocity with accuracy in the range of 0.1 MPH, and let you know if you're a toe-planter or a heel-planter when you run. It just can't lug your lazy ass out of bed.