Media Power CEO shows off new Android-based Gizmondo, looks just like old Gizmondo

The long-rumored resurrection of Gizmondo from the ashes of Stefan Eriksson's bisected Ferrari Enzo is near. Near, that is, if you believe Rich Jenkins, CEO of Media Power, the company behind this rebirth. Jenkins recently showed Swedish journalist Hans Sandberg a box full of pre-production gaming handhelds, all looking suspiciously like old, decidedly post-production units. According to Jenkins the changes are all internal, consisting of new graphics hardware from nVidia and an uprated battery (to be offered as a free upgrade to scorned owners of the original). Pricing is still undetermined but Android is confirmed; owners will have to choose either Google's new hotness or Microsoft's decidedly more tepid Windows CE, but can't have both -- unless they buy two. Release is still set for the end of this year via a "really cool website" hitting the intertubes next month.