Hopefully not the last update on Last Flight

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Bloober Team may have split from the Notorious N.I.B.R.I.S., but their methods seem disturbingly similar to their progenitor. They have yet to actually release any games, and after months, and some cases years, of teasing, we have nothing to go on but concept art and occasional doctored screenshots. Their most complete games have made it to the "DS homebrew program" stage. We really want Bloober Team to not be Nibris.

So it is with mixed feelings that we present this concept art of Last Flight. We can laugh at the continued non-development of Nibris's Sadness, because it sounds like a pretentious, overambitious game and we'd probably laugh at it if it came out anyway. But Last Flight, the WiiWare game about fighting vampires on an airplane, is something that we would actually like to play within our lifetime. We're glad to see Bloober Team releasing something about this game, but we're a bit worried that it's concept art.

[Via press release]