Lenovo's ThinkPad X200t convertible tablet gets reviewed

It didn't take long for Lenovo's two-faced ThinkPad X200t to hit the test bench after coming over to US soil, and the critics over at Laptop Mag have mostly positive things to say about it. For starters, the convertible tablet maintains the "security, durability, and performance" that we've come to expect from Lenovo. The keyboard was deemed "excellent," the lightweight design was applauded, the display performed admirably and the performance was very satisfactory (or "snappy," as it were). The biggest knocks on the machine were the omission of an optical drive and the below average battery life; testers only squeezed out around 6 hours, which was far less than the company's claim of 10.3 hours. Still, at just north of two large, the X200 was seen as an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile business machine, particularly if you dig that stylus-on-screen action.