NeuroSky one-ups NTT DoCoMo, demos mind control for phones

Oh, what's this, NTT DoCoMo? Your eye movement control for phones -- which isn't even commercialized, may we add -- is so 2050 compared to NeuroSky's mind control system. The company has already shown non-mobile applications for its seriously sci-fi tech, but it used CTIA recently as a venue to demonstrate how it can be used to do cool things on phones, too, bringing along a mental relaxation app, a math quiz where your brainpower is actually measured (no pressure), and a simple game. There aren't any shipping products yet, but the company says that it has nine development partners working on integrating its goods, and meanwhile it's slaving away on repackaging the discrete components translating brainwaves into commands into a single chip that's more easily soldiered onto something consumers would actually want to wear and use.

[Via The Earth Times, thanks Bob]