Destruction's dominance is temporary, says Mythic's Drescher

Michael Zenke
M. Zenke|09.24.08

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Destruction's dominance is temporary, says Mythic's Drescher

Today the 24th episode of's companion podcast, Massively Speaking, is live. In it, we talk with Warhammer Online's Josh Drescher and Dan Enright all about the game since launch. We had a great time, but we felt that we needed to ask some tough questions for the community. We went for the good stuff, asking about everything from Public Quest imbalances to the grace period miscommunication last week. One question in particular we wanted to make sure got addresed, and that was the percieved imbalance between the Order and Destruction factions across the servers. Drescher said that all signs point to Destruction's dominance being temporary.

Josh Drescher:
There's something about the kind of person who likes to Beta test MMOs that draws them towards the badguys. All throughout Beta we saw a disproportionate popularity on the Destruction side. We know from previous games we've worked on, the good guys tend to be significantly more popular. Everyone wants to save the princess and have shiny armor. Even though we don't offer any princess saving in our game, we knew that the good guys were going to wind up generally more popular in the long term.

What we're seeing now is that people looked at server populations on launch day and made a choice. "Oh, I've heard bad guys are really popular, I want to be on the side that's most popular." They chose Destruction characters initially.

Dan Enright: Actually, a lot of people have been going in and choosing Order deliberately. Whether they saw the shorter queues or knew they'd have more opportunity to participate in Scenarios, or they just wanted an increased challenge ... we're seeing a lot of people move to Order.

Be sure to check out the full interview in Massively Speaking Episode 24!
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