Eco Media Revolution keeps the wind-up PMP alive

Just like gasoline-powered automobiles, the Li-ion-powered DAP is a fading gem. Okay, so maybe that's grossly inaccurate, but at least it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling to think that Trevor Baylis' Eco Media Player Revolution has a sizable budding fan base. The follow-up to the smashing Ecodigital wind-up PMP takes on a glossy black motif and features 4GB of built-in storage space, an SD card slot for capacity expansion, an FM tuner and support for a whole litany of audio / video formats. Best of all, you can connect your dead mobile to this thing, give it a few cranks, and boom -- your cellie now has enough juice to make one very urgent call for more lunch money. Sure justifies the £129.99 ($241) asking price, huh?

[Via SmartPlanet]