PS3 gets some MMO lovin' in Japan

Samuel Axon
S. Axon|09.25.08

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PS3 gets some MMO lovin' in Japan
There's a thread over at NeoGaf reporting that Japanese game publisher Koei, which is famous for its Dynasty Warriors beat-em-up/battlefield-strategy hybrid games, might be developing an MMO. The company's Tokyo Game Show page was briefly updated with an entry for an MMO title for both PC and PS3. When the mistake was caught the entry was immediately taken down. Fans of Dynasty Warriors and Romance of the Three Kingdoms are very excited. Everyone else can probably move on, because Koei has done pretty little that wasn't at least mostly the same concept as one of those.

Also, our friends at PS3 Fanboy have celebrated the launch of the free-to-play Asian PS3 MMO Angel Love Online (a veritable cute fest, that one) by writing up a guide to getting the game running for non-Japanese users. Angel Love is currently available only through the Japanese PlayStation Network store, but that sort of thing has never stopped anyone smart and resourceful, has it? If you succeed, you'll get to play it entirely in Japanese! Oh, yay! It looks very Secret of Mana-esque.

Due to the language barrier, most Western PS3 owners will probably want to wait for The Agency, Free Realms, and DC Universe Online, but if you can't wait, here you go. And remember, if seeing Japanese culture Lost in Translation is what you want, there's always TV. In Japan. Read on below the cut for a look at Angel Love Online.

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