Mio's Knight Rider GPS gets reviewed, high-fived

Sure, we've been totally into Mio's Knight Rider GPS, but how does it really stack up? PC Magazine took it out for a test drive and found that the device is essentially a Moov 300, which they say has solid route calculation times and a straightforward menu system. The Knight Rider version comes pre-loaded with maps for the US, Canada and Puerto Rico -- an improvement over typical Mio US-only map packs -- and the reviewer likes the device's 58 POI categories (compared to the Moov 310's paltry 35). The biggest knock on the unit is the lack of live traffic on-board; you have to purchase a subscription and a separate receiver (not yet available on Mio's web site). Of course, you could always go for the aforementioned 310 with a built-in traffic receiver (and $20 lower price tag), but how cool would that be? Not cool at all. Don't take our word for it, though, hit the read link and check out the whole review for yourself.