Getting dirty with Mio's Knight Rider GPS

We may be a little overexcited about Mio's Knight Rider GPS unit, but we're not about to apologize for that. This is one beautiful union of KITT and navigation that was meant to happen since the day LCDs and GPS chips first hung out. With that out of the way, we have some hands-on impressions.

The unit feels solid and small enough to be portable while the screen remains just big enough to be of use. A nice anti-glare coating looks to keep things visible during daylight hours. Yes, standard fare.

Peep the gallery below and don't miss the video after the break.


But wait! Startup. Oh, startup. Complete with KITT's scanner and flashing red lights, the Mio's bootup is almost worth the $269 price alone. As for interface, you're looking at standard Mio fare here, which means it's nothing amazing nor is it a disaster. Truth be told, it could be a bit faster, but this was a test unit we were looking at, so we'll give that a pass for now.

Mio has loaded the unit with over 300 names, and we were able to find one of ours in the long list -- hearing William Daniels say our name fulfilled at least half of hour childhood dreams.

In short, the Mio Knight Rider GPS won't change the world of navigation, but it will certainly make some wannabe Michael Knights wish they were driving a Trans Am.