Barrens Chat: Spoiled Rotten

Megan Harris
M. Harris|10.02.08

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Barrens Chat: Spoiled Rotten

So, this is somewhat of a spoiler strip. It is something that has been mentioned and posted in previous articles, but just in case you skipped those for obvious reasons, you probably should skip this, also.

That being said, I noticed while drawing this out and looking at a screen shot of Thrall that he looks like a green, balding version of the Geico cavemen. With big teeth, of course. Maybe it's just me.

I know I've started doing them on the computer entirely again, but I uh... misplaced my drawing paper. When I get paid this Friday maybe I'll go pick up more, but that's a really long drive to the nearest art store.

Possible alternate text for a couple of the panels after the jump!


The fourth panel I was a little undecided on what to have Sylvanas retaliate with, so here are some of the ideas I had.

  1. "Get back in the box!"
  2. "... are we wearing matching outfits?"
  3. "I told you they'd find out that you rolled a gnome last month. You'll never live it down."
How about it, readers. What sort of comments can you see being slung back at Varimathras?

I'll see you next week!

Barrens Chat is a weekly comic series that is eagerly awaiting the release of Wrath. With nothing much to do but sit around and pick on Hunters and Death Knights, its easy to see why things can sometimes go a little crazy around here. Stop in every week for a new comic!
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