Resistance 2 Public Beta apps now accepted

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James Ransom-Wiley
October 2nd, 2008
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Resistance 2 Public Beta apps now accepted
Look, you gotta understand, not everyone gets into a private party. But a public one? Man, you gotta have some bad luck -- or some funky smelling breath -- not to be invited in. Go on, prove that you're still worthy, apply for the Resistance 2 Public Beta. You can drop your answers here (remember, there's always a right answer, even if it doesn't count). Here's what Insomniac has to say:

"We'll notify you via e-mail if you are accepted into the Public Beta. Space is limited. So, if you want to get a chance to try out all the new multiplayer features in Resistance 2, such as the 8-player co-op and up to 60-player competitive multiplayer, apply now! Good luck!"

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]
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