How to play Superstruct

James Egan
J. Egan|10.06.08

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How to play Superstruct
While dealing with these sweeping global issues would seem to be impossibly complex, Superstruct's gameplay -- fortunately-- is not. The game is comprised of a kind of storytelling on the part of its players, based off of the scenarios and updates presented by The Institute for the Future. Some of these scenarios, like the superthreat videos seen earlier, are there to establish the game's backdrop, but more info is on the way. Superstruct players will spin off their own ideas based on both the IFTF-provided scenario updates and (especially) player-generated content. In this respect, the gameplay is quite freeform.

Playing the game breaks down to a few easy steps:
  • Create your 'future self' through your personal survival profile.
  • Discover the superthreats (via the breaking news videos).
  • Adopt a superthreat.
  • Tell a superthreat story, through whatever medium you choose, via the Tell-a-Story form.
  • Search for allies.
  • Start superstructing on the wikis (sharing your ideas for redesigning the future.)
Check out the video below and let one of the game's creators, Jane McGonigal, show you how the game is played, and be sure to note her tips on how to succeed in Superstruct.

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