Sony brings out its very own "single-projector 3D adapter"

Okay, so you probably noticed things have been hopping lately with the advance of 3D technology, global takeover-style, by companies like RealD using ZScreen active polarization with Sony's digital theater projectors. No more bulky shutter glasses and no need for dual projectors -- huge, right? Well, Sony has decided to step it up a notch and bring out its own "single-projector 3D adapter" to blow the rest of those guys out of their tiny pond, namely in the realm of bandwidth and resolution. Sony's adapter works in tandem with its new LKRL-A002 and LKRL-A003 lens units, utilizing the full height of its 4K projectors to displays 2K images for the left and right field of view simultaneously. The adapter can be quickly extracted when going back and forth between 3D and 2D media, 60P capable for fast-action content and good for a silver screen of up to 55-feet. If you're thinking of trading in your first born for a stereoscopic wonderland, check out this tech in a couple weeks at ShowEast in Orlando on its way to March 2009 retail availability. No word on price, but naturally, we want one.
[Via About Projectors]