Superthreats: Outlaw Planet and Generation Exile

James Egan
J. Egan|10.06.08

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Outlaw Planet Superthreat

"In 2019, the mobile internet and sensor networks we rely on to hold our societies together are being hacked, griefed, and gamed."

The effects of technology turned against us impacts the democratic process, social networks, and every institution connected to the internet. Sophisticated criminal groups employ 'transparency bombs' in online banking attacks (and "World of Starcraft" players no less). The target financial institutions are major players in the virtual currency market, but the issues resulting from this undermined security affect private citizens as well as the banks.

Superstruct Challenge: How can we come together to secure our assets, both real and virtual?

Generation Exile Superthreat

"In 2019, our neighbors are climate refugees and economic collapse victims who are swarming the planet, looking for a habitable place to live."

These refugees flee from storms, droughts, and war. While climate change migrants are typically depicted as numbers living in slums characterized by ethnic violence, there is a "real human cost of having an entire generation grow up as citizens of nowhere..."

Superstruct Challenge: How can we become better neighbors to the strangers who need us?

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