Ask a Beta Tester: The Alchemist

Allison Robert
A. Robert|10.09.08

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Ask a Beta Tester: The Alchemist

Apologies to Paulo Coelho fans for borrowing his title, but we have two Alchemy-related questions to start us off today, in addition to questions on Blacksmithing, cinematics, and dailies:

Horizons asks...

Do the alchemy specializations in wrath still work the same way as they do now in BC? For example, will I still have a chance of getting 5 wrath potions even when I'm leveling starting at 375 such as Wrath Elixirs or Icy mana potions? And will transmute spec ever be fixed?

Yup, alchemy specializations work the exact same way in Wrath. As a potions master, I've already procced a few, but don't expect to see the Runic Mana or Runic Healing potion recipes until...I want to say it's 410 Alchemy. You'll skill up on the array of new elixirs like Elixir of Mighty Thoughts and Elixir of Mighty Agility until then, but do save mats for the new Alchemy trinkets that become available at (I think) 400, like Mighty Alchemist's Stone. We'll have more information soon on materials you'll start getting in Northrend that you'll want to set aside for crafting.

And on a related Alchemy note, Rhozul asks...

Now the real question - do I want to push my Priest, who is in greens, to Northrend after my Paladin to level Alchemy?

I would say it's going to depend on your supply of Northrend herbs -- and, in one case, a Northrend fish (Pygmy Suckerfish for Pygmy Oil). You'll be able to get a few skill-ups using Outland materials and recipes from what I remember, but it won't take you too far. If your Paladin is a raider or needs a steady supply of Titanium (or other) transmutes, however, it'll be well worth your time. The new Alchemy trinkets are BoP, but Northrend Alchemy Research is a lot of fun.

Sorano asks...

Can you apply Vigilance, the buff gained from the 31 point protection warrior talent tree, on the same warrior who cast it?

Vigilance is the new 31-point talent in the Warrior's Protection tree, and it's a very interesting little trick that transfers 10% of the threat produced by its target to you (in addition to reducing the damage they take by 3%). At the moment, the vast majority of tanking Warriors I'm seeingin 5-mans are actually using it on their healers to help with threat on boss fights with adds, but I think it'll find more efficient use on a high-threat DPS class or spec. As Kaeb suggests in the comment thread, Vigilance might be best applied to a Rogue using Tricks of the Trade or a Hunter using Misdirection on cooldown. Other suggestions include a Warrior off-tank casting Vigilance on the main-tank for an encounter.

Woca asks...

Once I ding 71, will my crit rating plummet?

From what I can recall of the difference between my feral Druid on the beta and live realms, I lost...I want to say somewhere in the region of 7% crit at 70. You'll certainly notice the difference, but it's unlikely to affect how quickly or effectively you level.

Frostymage asks...

I saw the Wrath gate video and was wondering if there are any other quests that have a cinematic or involve having something big happening in the world?

Well, yes and no. At the end of Drak'Tharon Keep, if someone in the group has a particular quest from Grizzly Hills, you'll be face to face with the Lich King as he gains another willing servant. There's also a great sort-of-cutscene that takes place at the end of the Death Knight introductory quest series, The Light of Dawn. So far I haven't seen anything else on the size or scale of the Angrathar Gate cinematic, but I'm not at 80 yet, and for all we know Blizzard is still programming things behind the scenes. I also have the nagging feeling that there's something I'm forgetting here.

Sjb asks...

Do Blacksmiths seem to be making a name for themselves with their new ability to socket items? Any idea how the BS armor and weapons scale with dungeon gear?

Eternal Belt Buckles are selling very well in the beta right now but I'm not yet sure how the armor and weapons stack up compared to dungeon gear. I can tell you that it is very rare indeed for me to see a "Made By" tag on anybody at the moment, although with so many people still leveling I guess that's to be expected.

Roma.mink asks...

Since we're on the subject of WotLK dailies...what level do you have to be to start doing them?? Do I have to wait until I'm level 80? :(

Nope, there are a few dailies here and there that you'll find while you're leveling, particularly for the Kalu'ak (Tuskarr). All three of their villages are easily reached via their boat system, so once you finish a daily in one village, hop the boat to hit the next one.

The Wrath of the Lich King beta is in full swing, and the WoW Insider crew is here to sate your curiosity with Ask a Beta Tester! Leave your beta questions in the comments and we'll do our best to answer 'em! And if you can't get enough Wrath, don't forget to check WoW Insider's Wrath Roundup page for anything we haven't answered here!
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