New Zealand's Freeview benefits from Olympics

New Zealand's Freeview hasn't had the easiest road thus far, but it can't deny the awesomeness that was the 2008 Beijing Olympics. According to new figures, 37,980 receivers were sold between July and September, 19,983 of which were Freeview HD tuners. It's a pretty safe bet that a good portion of those were purchased with the intent of catching the spectacle in high-definition on TVNZ, and the aforesaid sales brings the total number of Freeview set-top boxes sold to 160,496, including 27,319 HD boxes. Unfortunately, the bandwidth crisis is still very real, and things are looking pretty bleak in regard to additional HD channels. Still, we can only hope these additional sales may sway the Ministry of Economic Development into helping out.

[Image courtesy of PCWorld]