TGS 08: Konami whips out Castlevania for PS3, Xbox 360


Konami is showing off a teaser for an upcoming Castlevania title on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at its TGS booth, reports ITmedia (translation). The 10-second clip features your typical creep wielding a glowing-red sword and includes some text about a father, his family and a curse -- and, predictably, no hints about actual gameplay.

Series producer Koji Igarashi was apparently as surprised as we all are, claiming he didn't expect Konami to make the game announcement this soon. IGA didn't elaborate further, leaving the door open for just about any imaginable outcome (we're gonna go ahead and rule out beach volleyball). At least it can't get any worse for the series ... right?

[Via IGN; image credit: ITmedia]