Loot within swag: TCG cards that make you smile

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Loot within swag: TCG cards that make you smile

I woke up at 7:00 this morning to get ready for the day at BlizzCon. The team is meeting at 8:30 to head over to the convention and start covering all the fun that's happening there. But of course before I finish my morning rituals, I have to peek into the swag bag again. This time it's opening up the packs of WoW TCG - Heroes of Azeroth.

Much to my surprise I find a loot card! A Thunderhead Hippogryph, pictured above from the Upper Deck site. Of course the cards are inserted completely random into the packs, and the bags are given out at random too – so no way I bribed someone a million billion dollars for this.

The card provides a little Hippogryph pet. Perfect for following me around when I go buy my Hippogryph mount next week.

You can also get a Riding Turtle and a Tabard of Flame from the cards. Odds are some people here got those. And probably more then a few with 15,000 fans here.

Just another cool, albeit random, thing this year at BlizzCon!
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