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Updated Energy Star spec goes into effect November 1

Updated Energy Star spec goes into effect November 1
Richard Lawler
Richard Lawler|@Rjcc|October 11, 2008 8:30 PM
The new Energy Star 3.0 TV specification -- this time including a test for how much electricity televisions use while turned on, not just while off -- goes into effect next month. According to CNET's tests, the difference in power saved by more efficient (but not necessarily ideal PQ) default settings could be as much as a $100 a year, although that will vary based on the TV and the settings. Of course the new rules mean only 25 to 30-percent of TVs are expected to be able to meet the standard, but when you see it on a box, it will actually mean something. Punch the read link for the final draft, we're just going to turn some unnecessary lights off.

[Via Crave]
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