Real world economic impact on MMOs and virtual worlds?

James Egan
J. Egan|10.15.08

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Real world economic impact on MMOs and virtual worlds?
Given the drastic real world economic shifts of late, is it unreasonable to assume that there will be repercussions in virtual worlds and MMOs? That's the gist of a question posed by CBBC, a longtime commentator at the Terra Nova blog, but specifically he asks: "What now for virtual economies? What happens to EVE now that Iceland's economy is collapsing?... Will my WoW gold be worth more or less? Will games go under taking their value with them? Will we see a run on games the same as a run on banks?"

While his questions aren't focused solely on EVE Online, and are more of a general inquiry, CCP's title is not surprisingly the main example cited by both the CBBC and Terra Nova's readers. As expected, the responses to the question are intelligent and shed some more light on how real world economics might affect MMO economies, namely that of EVE Online. Some speculate that real world issues will result in increased escapism, imbuing virtual worlds and their economies with greater significance. Others related financial scenarios that affect CCP Games and its virtual economics. If you're interested in the economies of MMOs and virtual worlds, you might want to get involved in the discussion of "Whither MMO economies?" over at Terra Nova.
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