Age of Booty delayed to November, Trophy patch reconfirmed

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Andrew Yoon
October 17th, 2008
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Age of Booty delayed to November, Trophy patch reconfirmed

One of the games absent from today's PSN update was Age of Booty, Capcom's pirate-themed multiplayer strategy game. Although already available on XBLA, it appears the game has been delayed to November on PS3. Capcom's blog updates: "We want to ensure the online experience for PSN users is as smooth, fun, and addicting. We also want to ensure all those who dive into the map editor and generate new content for the Age of Booty community have a great time sharing their maps with friends. As a result, we had a little more work to do."

Although already on our Trophy Portal, the fine folks at Capcom have re-confirmed their Trophy efforts. The PSN collectibles will be available as a post-release patch "within the first couple of months" of the game's now-delayed release.

[Thanks, Chris S.!]
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