CNU's oxygen emitting robotic plants: deforestation solved

When the earth warms and the forests turn to dust, at least the robots will remain to re-oxygenate the Earth. The Chonnam National University developed robotic plant (pictured above holding a human child puppet) from Korea stands over four-feet tall; consists of a pot, stem, and five meat-eating buds; and emits oxygen, moisture, and even an aroma of human effluence, we presume. As people approach the "flower," the robot bends towards the person and begins to bloom and slightly shake in response to the startled victim's voice rising from a mute whimper to an alarmist howl. The robot also responds to music and light by dancing and opening and closing its petals in some kind of victory celebration. Project leader Park John-oh suggests building a robot garden from his creation -- sure, we'll get right on that just as soon as we get our Doomsday Machine back on-line.

[Via Hallyu Technology]