HP said to launch touchscreen laptop and 10-inch netbook by end of year

We already know that HP has its sights on touchscreen technology as it re-invents its product portfolio over the next 18 16 months or so. HP has already demonstrated a flair for touchscreen PCs with its TouchSmart desktops. It's now being reported by The Wall Street Journal that HP plans to have a consumer oriented, touch-screen laptop (not just another convertible tablet, apparently) ready by the end of the year according to the WSJ's ever omniscient "people familiar with the matter." HP's said to be getting help from the uber-boutique design-house, Frog Design, to help develop the new software (which certainly needs some tweaking) and hardware. Sources also claim that HP is on track to release a touch-screen cellphone into Europe (through US carriers sometime "next year or so") and new 10-inch netbook before the end of the year. Maybe then HP can stop riding ASUS so hard, eh?