Work on Mad Max continues, game still a ways off

Jason Dobson
J. Dobson|10.18.08

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Work on Mad Max continues, game still a ways off
It's been seven long months since we last heard an update on Cory Barlog's video game adaptation of Mad Max. Now Barlog, best known for his work on a little thing we like to call God of War II, has posted an update on the project to his blog, though whether or not he had to saw through his own foot to get to the keyboard remains something of a mystery.

Barlog's work on the game's story with Mad Max film producer, George Miller, appears nearly done, the pair having "put the final touches on the Mad Max story and game design structure and mechanics." However, Barlog adds that they're "working with some publishers to get a deal locked down so we can start making this bad boy," so don't go expecting to hunt gangs across the dystopian Australian highways anytime soon.
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