Insignia's NS-CNV10 "Connected GPS" unit gets unboxed, examined

Best Buy's new cellular-connected Insignia NS-CNV10 (and larger NS-CNV20) certainly has the specs to get noticed, but if the few first impressions that are now cropping up are any indication, it looks like it may not be quite as solid a bet as it seems on paper. The biggest drawback, according to both GPS Lodge and GPS Trackblog, is a decidedly lacking interface that runs on top of Windows CE, which is described as slow, visually unappealing, and simply not that easy to use (all things fairly important in an interface). On the upside, the cellular connectivity and integration with Google Maps apparently does work as promised, and the free service for a year certainly makes the somewhat hefty $399 price tag a bit more bearable. If you're still undecided, you can dig into the links below for a few more first impressions and, of course, some requisite unboxing pics.

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