VC Monday Madness: Digital Champ Battle Boxing and Gradius II Gofer No Yabou

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VC Monday Madness: Digital Champ Battle Boxing and Gradius II Gofer No Yabou

We've got two new imports to play on the Virtual Console this week. We love it when the service hooks us up with imports because they're so fresh and new. We like that. Too bad one of this week's games isn't very good. Which one is it? Hit up the video above to find out. And if you're looking for more, head past the break.

Digital Champ Battle Boxing (TurboGrafx16, 1 player, 700 Wii Points)
Wii Fanboy says: do not download

This has to be one of the worst games I've ever played. It angers me so much that I don't even want to put any more text here to describe why I hate it. I just need to move on.

Gradius II Gofer No Yabou (TurboGrafx16 CD-ROM, 1 player, 900 Wii Points)
Wii Fanboy says: download it!

Oh, Gradius. How I love thee. If you've never played, this is a great introduction to the series. There's a reason why so many consider it one of the best shmup series ever.

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