PlantBot takes your flora in search of sun (and fun!)

You try and you try to keep your plants well-watered and situated in the brightest spot you can find, but that darned sun has an annoying tendency to move and leave your urban foliage wilting. You could try leaving them in the window, or switching to creepy robotic flowers, or you could just replace your pots with PlantBot, a four-legged contraption designed to seek out the sun and plunk your plant right where it needs to be. Designed by The Play Coalition, a group of people who "love to design things that are often functional but usually just fun," it looks like something out of a woodworking-themed anime, tickling our geeky natures while exuding that undeniable aesthetic of a well-made piece of furniture -- even if not delivering quite the same level of usefulness. Alas, there's no video available of this in action, but we do have an animation of it shambling across the room waiting for you just below.

[Via MAKE]