Intel: ARM's the reason the iPhone... sucks?

Okay, look, whether you adore or despise the iPhone, it's pretty hard to make a cohesive argument that it's slow or lags its competitors in offering the "full Internet." Somehow, though, a pair of Intel execs at the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei this week have whipped up a whole spiel based on the shaky claim that the iPhone's a dog for processing power and isn't capable of offering a rich Internet experience, going on to suggest that ARM architecture is to blame for the nasty pickle Apple's gotten itself into. Here's the best part, though: until only very recently, Intel itself was a huge player in the ARM game with its XScale line, now owned by Marvell. Isn't it too soon to harsh on a technology you so heavily bought into, guys? Of course, the moral of the story -- if you're buying the execs' line, anyway -- is that the iPhone wouldn't suck if they'd gone with an Intel stack, which they claim is a good two years ahead of the best that ARM has to offer. Said Intel's Pankaj Kedia, pressing on with the smack talk: "I know what their roadmap is, I know where they're going and I'm not worried." Of course, knowing the roadmap inside and out gets a little easier when you're a ginormous ARM licensee.

[Thanks, Renai L.]