HP's Vivienne Tam Edition netbook gets real, coming this December

No clue if HP will be sticking with the Digital Clutch moniker (wouldn't be a bad choice, actually), but one's thing for certain: it's teaming up with Vivienne Tam for a highly decorated netbook. The shot you're looking at above is just about all we have to go on, but obviously this one won't appeal to those who aren't into vivaciousness, vividness and, um, flora. We are told that it'll be available this December with an Intel Atom processor within (which is pretty noteworthy given HP's current relationship with VIA), but everything else is being closely concealed for now -- even though Atom typically equals 1GB of RAM, a 1.6GHz clock speed and an 80GB HDD. But hey, a woman has to have her secrets, right?

[Thanks, Ronald]