Get a chance to preview the New Xbox Experience [update]

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|10.25.08

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Get a chance to preview the New Xbox Experience [update]

Update: Hopefully you already registered because, according to Major Nelson, the "preview program is now FULL." That was quick.

You were promised the chance and now your chance is here. You (yes YOU) can preview the upcoming New Xbox Experience prior to its release on November 19th.

Microsoft is looking for a few thousand NXE preview participants to give the NXE a trial run prior to its official release to, you know, make sure everything is functioning correctly. To sign up for your chance to be selected as a previewer, simply head to Microsoft Connect, register using your Windows Live ID, then click here to fill out the official NXE preview survey. Answer a few questions, submit that sucker and cross your fingers in hopes that you are selected. And just in case you weren't listening, only a few thousand registrants will be selected, so filling out the survey does not guarantee a NXE preview.

Note too that those who are selected will not have access to a full-featured NXE. Though, things like Netflix, Live parties and Avatars will be included. Now go, get registered and hope for the best!

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]
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