How-to video shows 3G implant into Aigo P8860 MID

Aigo's P8860 MID was already a potent, handsome piece of machinery in its factory form, but adding in 3G is like adding melted chocolate to a glazed hot doughnut from Krispy Kreme -- it's just better, even though it's tough to accomplish and potentially harmful to your health. Far-reaching metaphors aside, our pals over at jkkmobile have put together an all-telling 18 minute video that explains how to add 3G HSDPA to this here MID. For seasoned DIYers, the process of opening it up, soldering a mini PCI-e connector / SIM card slot and tossing in a 3G card / antenna won't seem that difficult. For everyone else, we'd recommend watching thrice to make sure your confidence level is at the appropriate position before delving in. Vid's after the break, per usual.