Aigo's P8860 MID reviewed: sweet, but potentially irrelevant

We already knew Aigo's P8860 MID was hacker-friendly, and all that is well, fine and good -- but what about for consumers who aren't into soldering irons and illicit boot ROMs? The crew over at Pocketables sat down with the handheld for a spell in order to bust out their best review, and at the end of the day, they found it to be somewhat compelling and a touch irrelevant all at the same time. You see, hardcore nerds (read: us) will likely be able to appreciate the fact that an x86-based system, with all the amenities of Flash support, etc., was squeezed into such a small device; the average joe / jane, however, probably won't take the time to recognize the advantages over their current smartphone. In other words, this here is an splendid example of a niche product, and you should probably consider how necessary it is in your life before pulling the trigger -- but you already knew that, now didn't you?