Audiovox HDP100 sends HDMI over powerline

If you're tired of waiting to beam your HD signals across the room over thin air but still crave that tidy install devoid of snaking wires, you might want to give HDMI over powerline a try. For $400, Audiovox will hook you up with its HDP100 HD Powerlink system (apparently under the Acoustic Research brand) -- a single transmitter, receiver and accessories that will transmit HDMI and IR remote signals over the Romex already in your walls. Of course, as with all things with names ending in "over powerline," performance can vary based on things like your home's wiring, what other devices are placed on the circuit, how the HDP100 units are plugged in and maybe even the phase of the moon; but that same $400 will disappear pretty quickly if you have a pro pull some wires through the walls.