EVE 'Blog Banter' discusses Walking in Stations expansion

James Egan
J. Egan|11.02.08

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EVE 'Blog Banter' discusses Walking in Stations expansion

While the official EVE Online forums have always been very active, there are other options out there. For those who like how busy the official forums are, but not the rules that govern it, there's Scrapheap Challenge. SH-C is a forum which is chiefly dedicated to discussing EVE Online, but not moderated by CCP Games themselves. Recent months, however, have seen a large number of EVE players striking out on their own, with their own blogs that focus on a particular aspect of the game linked to that blogger's playstyle. Industry, finance, piracy, 0.0 alliance warfare, and now even boosters (drugs) are being written about on a daily basis.

While over 100 of these blogs are out there, the more prolific among them have joined under the banner of CrazyKinux's Blog Pack. By all accounts, it's been a successful community effort by EVE players, and now CrazyKinux is adding another dimension to the Blog Pack: conversation topics that are collectively tackled by the various bloggers, called "Blog Banter." The first Blog Banter got underway this past week, and the first issue up for discussion has been a timely one: EVE's Walking in Stations expansion, formerly known as Ambulation, which Fanfest attendees will get to try out firsthand in just a few more days. The question itself was proposed by PsycheDiver, who asked, "Ambulation: What are your hopes for your avatar and new functionality of stations?"

The responses have been insightful and varied, and the discussion echoes across 18 blogs, beyond CrazyKinux's own site. If you'd like to hear how the players themselves feel about the prospect of being able to get out of their ships and interact in EVE Online in some new ways, check out "EVE Blog Banter #1: Exotic Dancers, Corporate Meetings & more" which will lead you to the community's mixed response to the upcoming expansion.
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