Russian Eee PC 901 looks good in skin-tight leather

We were all ready to whip out utilize a series of stereotypical cultural allusions when we saw pictures of a leather-clad Eee PC 901 show up on a German site -- only to have our hopes dashed when it turned out to actually be a Russian laptop under there. So, this entry will be entirely free of references to bondage and guys named Dieter, focusing only on what looks to be a very tastefully modified netbook. Nikussan at the forums is responsible for this project, dubbed "Operation Anti-Gloss" (that's "O????????? ????????????" if you dig Cyrillic). He indicated that stretching and gluing this skin on the device wasn't too difficult, the only real issue being the fine trimming required to get it to latch. The finish is perhaps not quite as seamless as Asus's various official leather offerings, but we'd totally rock one at the local S&M club Starbucks.

[Via Eee PC News]