VIA and NVIDIA axe netbook platform, questions abound

Something is definitely going awry with VIA's Nano platform: the company just lost HP's Mini 1000 to Intel, and now Digitimes says that VIA and NVIDIA are backing out of their plan to develop a netbook platform. Remember, Nano was announced back in May, so it's a little odd that we haven't seen a single shipping machine with the chip, even as VIA has hyped its performance advantages over the ubiquitous Atom 230 -- the closest we've come is the imini S1 in June, which has since disappeared. Now, we're always a little suspicious of Digitimes' anonymous reports, so nothing's written in stone, but things just seem pretty bleak 'round VIA way right now -- especially since it just dropped out of the mobo biz entirely to focus on processors. Hopefully we'll see some good news in the form of shipping products soon.

[Via Electronista]