Apple (probably) prepping a patch for mysterious clicking issue on new MacBooks

We're normally fans of "quirky," but there's nothing more frustrating than a quirky clicking experience, as has been reported by many of the ungrateful bastages who've snapped up the new MacBook and MacBook Pros since launch. The primary reported problem was with certain physical clicks not registering on that schmancy new glass trackpad, no small annoyance. Earlier this week an email from a disgruntled user to Mr. Customer Support himself, Steve Jobs, was responded to by a call from Apple's customer relations saying that they were "researching" the issue, and a couple days later a similar request from another user was met with a terse email from Steve: "Software fix coming soon." Of course, these conversations could all be the delusional fantasies of click-addled attention hounds, but we're going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that Apple does in fact have a fix in the works for this problem. So, while they toss that presumed update together, how has the new trackpad been treating you?