Mgestyk system promises gesture control on the cheap

As we've seen, it's not exactly all that difficult for someone with the necessary skills to whip up their own gesture-based control system, but the folks at upstart Mgestyk Technologies seem to think they've got something a bit more notable on their hands, and they're actually planning on selling it to the general public. While the complete details are a bit light at the moment, their system apparently makes use of nothing more than an "affordable 3D camera" and some custom software to capture even small hand gestures, which seems to work at least reasonably well in the video after the break -- though we doubt many gamers will be quick to ditch their Razer or SteelSeries mouse. What's more, while Mgestyk already has a waiting list going, they aren't making any promises about an actual release date just yet, or a price for that matter, with them only saying that it'll be "in the range of a high-end webcam."