Seabright PC430 "micro PC" spurns keyboard, not coolness

Updated ·1 min read

Wow, where to begin? The Seabright PC430 is going to be a, uh... fantastic piece of machinery should it ever exist, though from the looks of it, it may have a bit of an identity crisis. The precious little 4.3-inch Windows CE 5.0 (the photo shows XP but whatever) clamshell's got a 533MHz Samsung 2442A CPU, 128MB of SDRAM, between 1GB and 4GB of flash memory, and a USB 2.0 port on top of a host of optional features (GPS, DVB-T digital TV, WiFi, the ability to tell you the future). The tiny super-computer also boasts an impressive array of mega-hot software like Word, Excel, a picture browser, an e-book reader, paint brush -- the list literally goes on and on. Oh, we almost forgot -- they've boosted out the keyboard in favor of a more useful D-pad and A, B, X, Y button formation -- which is, needless to say, awesome for playing awesome games. It's unclear if the PC430 will come loaded with said games, but if it doesn't, you can connect a keyboard up and... type stuff. We don't know when (if ever) you'll be able to buy this, nor how much it shall cost, though we have a feeling it's going to be "affordable."

[Via Pocketables]