JVC's HTIB NX-BD3 gets reviewed, passes muster

Even after the street adjustment to £500 ($782), JVC's recently-announced NX-BD3 may not be the cheapest Blu-ray HTIB, but the crew at TrustedReviews found a lot to like with the package. The 2.1-channel starter system -- there are taps for four speakers even though you only get a L/R pair in the box -- has good aesthetics, solid video performance that holds its own next to the Pioneer BDP-LX71, and audio that keeps up with the visuals. Pity that Dolby True HD and DTS-HD MA didn't make the cut, though. Ah well, hopefully this deck's claim as the first dedicated Blu-ray deck with DLNA 1.5 support will ease the sting as you pull content from across your abode through the deck's ethernet jack. All in all, it's a better use of that port than BD-Live features, we say.