Samsung, Freescale partner on white LEDs to go green

Steven Kim
S. Kim|11.11.08

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Samsung, Freescale partner on white LEDs to go green
Samsung hearts Freescale
With the growing emphasis on ROHS (reduction of hazardous substances) and energy efficiency in the electronics industry, it's no wonder that LEDs are replacing fluorescent lamps for backlighting LCDs. So expect to see more partnerships like the one that Samsung and Freescale Semiconductor just entered into, with Samsung providing the glass (and some sweet moolah for custom parts) and Freescale bringing its LED drivers to the party. Heck, we figure even the cheaper white LEDs make it easier to achieve uniform illumination across the screen and higher contrast ratios, which get high marks around the Engadget HD offices; for folks not obsessed with picture quality (yeah, they're out there), LEDs offer up lighter and thinner displays.
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