Storm giveaway contest "winner" tattoos the phone on his cankle, will never find love

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There are three primary rules to tattoos that we're aware of:
  • 1. "I love my mom" tattoos are really cool.
  • 2. "I love my short-term-girlfriend" tattoos are questionable at best.
  • 3. "I love this gadget" tattoos have greater built-in obsolescence than sliced apples and pretty much clench the fact that nobody will ever go out with you. Also, they're really awesome. reader T.J. fell hard for rule number three and got a life-size tattoo of the BlackBerry Storm on his large, hairy calf to prove his undying devotion and win a free Storm. He even got some video of the happening (peep it below the fold), most likely to be shown in middle schools in the coming years as a huffing deterrence. We're looking forward to a Bumfight-like battle between T.J. and Zune Tattoo Guy before long, or perhaps a support group to get through this awkward, humiliating stage of life together. We'd prefer the Bumfight.

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