Hudson announces one for Wii, three for WiiWare in North America

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Hudson announces one for Wii, three for WiiWare in North America

Last week, Hudson announced new three new WiiWare games for download in Europe. This morning, the company sent out a press release confirming the (eventual) WiiWare release of all of those games in North America.

Pool Revolution: Cue Sports is a pool game featuring online play and a puzzle mode in which players attempt to successfully sink prearranged trick shots.

Snowboard Riot is a snowboard racing game "utilizing weapons such as homing bullets and invisibility!" It has 1-4 player online play and, continuing with Deca Sports' vaguely silly athletic-wear advertising, allows players to customize their avatars with Oakley sunglasses and outerwear.

Pit Crew Panic is a game about all-female racing pit crews fixing what Hudson refers to as "WHATSITS" -- bridges, cakes, toilets, aircraft carriers, and all manner of non-race-car items. Pit Crew Panic also features four-player online functionality, with 2-on-2 and 3-on-1 teams.

The company also confirmed a North American release of Hard Working People, the retail Wii game about taking on various part-time jobs, for summer 2009 under the title Help Wanted. It will come out in Europe in March 2009 as Job Island. Head past the break for more screens!


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