Top ten reasons Thrall got pwned by Garrosh

Michael Gray
M. Gray|11.11.08

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Top ten reasons Thrall got pwned by Garrosh

So, there's this Wrath-release event happening. One of the side-plays during the event is a duel between Thrall and Garrosh Hellscream. And while Thrall was busting out all the Shaman mojo he could, he ultimately loses to Garrosh. Over and over. Why, Thrall? How could it come to this? Where did we go wrong?

In an attempt to understand how the Warchief could be struck low by the young pup, we here at WoW Insider bring you the Top Ten Reasons Thrall got pwned by Garrosh:

  1. Thrall is secretly a keyboard turner.
  2. Thrall forgot to repair his gear before the queue popped.
  3. Garrosh has been studying the art of war at a Retribution Pally temple.
  4. Thrall broke Line-of-Sight from his druid.
  5. The Warchief was distracted by worry that Jaina might be in danger.
  6. Since the release of 3.0.2, healing in PvP has been dang near impossible.
  7. Thrall's heart just wasn't in it, since there's no Arena points this week.
  8. Warriors still need a good nerfin'.
  9. The RNG hates Thrall.

    ...and finally...

  10. In Wrath of the Lich King, the devs all play Garrosh.

We hope this short list helps bring solace to the millions of orcs who have found their hero laid low by Garrosh Hellscream. We hope you can gird your courage, and find strength to join us on the way to Northrend. As the saying goes, it ain't over till it's over.

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