ARM to release netbook, MID chips

Intel's Atom is enjoying some pretty lonely dominance in the netbook market, with nary a spot of competition from VIA's ephemeral Nano or whatever AMD has in store for us -- a void ARM has just announced it plans to fill with ARMv7 chips. The mobile device chipmaker has partnered with Canonical to develop a version of Ubuntu specifically tailored to run on netbooks and MIDs with ARM Cortex-A8 and Cortex-A9 processors, a platform ARM says will offer all-day battery life as well as advanced video functionality. That sounds pretty good to us (and Intel, actually) -- too bad we won't see any of these mythical machines until at least Ubuntu's April 2009 street date for the ARM port. Good thing Intel will be lying around counting cash and not developing anything until then, right guys? Sigh.