BRABUS announces Tesla Roadster customization plans

It's a bit of a shift from its usual business, but it looks like BRABUS isn't about to let the Tesla Roadster escape its reach, and it's now taken the wraps off a completely customized version of the vehicle to give those lucky few owners out there (or would-be owners) a taste of what's possible. Sure to attract the most attention is the company's "space sound generator," which can not only pump out the sound of a traditional V8 engine like some similar systems, but some "futuristic soundscapes" as well, including "Beam" and "Warp" sounds, which we can only hope are just as Jetsony as we imagine them to be. Other custom options include an all new tire / wheel combination that promises to improve handling, a redone exterior with a special matte white paintjob, a set of LED running lights, a whole slew of interior options and, of course, some underbody neon for that added touch of class. No word on a price for any of that, naturally, but those in the area will apparently be able to check it all out first hand at German's Essen Motor Show later this month.