Whip it! Whip it good! Pocket Jockey for iPhone is spanktastic

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Steve Sande
November 14, 2008 7:30 PM
Whip it! Whip it good! Pocket Jockey for iPhone is spanktastic

When this app made it into the TUAW mailbox this afternoon, it raised a bit of a ruckus. You'll see why if you continue to the video in the second half of the post.

Pocket Jockey (click opens iTunes) is a US$0.99 horse-racing game that can provide a workout while you play. You can race against friends or the iPhone three different ways:

  • Jump up and down while holding the iPhone in front of your face, then "whip" your horse by flicking the screen.
  • Bouncing your legs like you're on the back of a horse after putting the iPhone in your back pocket. You can, ahem, whip the horse by spanking yourself.
  • Tap the screen, and whip the horse by flicking the screen.

Multiplayer mode works with another player who is on the same WiFi network. Be sure to watch the video to get a feel for how the app works; TUAW is not responsible for injuries incurred while playing this game (or, for that matter, ridicule incurred).

There's no word on whether or not you can help your opponent's horse run faster by spanking her or him. We leave this as an exercise to the reader.

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Here's the demonstration video. Depending on your workplace standards, it may or may not be completely SFW.

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