Mitsubishi debuts XD95U XGA micro projector

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Mitsubishi debuts XD95U XGA micro projector

Mitsubishi's new XD95U DLP projector may not technically fall into the "pico" category, despite the company's attempts to proclaim it as such, but that doesn't mean it isn't tiny, with it weighing in at just a bit over three pounds and measuring a very portable 7.5- by 8.1-inches. The projector's specs also look like they should be up to most anyone's presentation needs, and include a full XGA resolution, 2,200 ANSI lumens, a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, and just the bare necessities when it comes to ports (composite, s-video, and VGA). Not surprisingly, you'll have to pay a considerable premium for that all that portability, with the XD95U boasting a suggested retail price of $1,495, which might just be enough to get some folks to reconsider the $500 Dell M109S and its non-standard 858 x 600 resolution.

[Via Gearlog]

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