EVE's call to arms: Thursday fleet battles on test server to help combat lag

James Egan
J. Egan|11.19.08

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EVE's call to arms: Thursday fleet battles on test server to help combat lag

EVE Online's latest expansion Quantum Rise brought some new features for the industry crowd, and a few enhancements aimed at PvP pilots as well. But some of the broad changes they've made to the game mechanics have triggered lag, and lots of it, which CCP Games is hoping to combat with the help of the players themselves. CCP Tanis says, "We take this issue very seriously and as a result, our engineering team has been in high-gear working on fixing the problem and we think we are close, but we need your help."

The help CCP Games is looking for requires relatively little from players, aside from logging into the Singularity test server and entering the fray, blasting each other apart in battleships. The Wednesday tests were already underway when we got word of this, but they're looking to get a large group of pilots (200 or more) for the Thursday fleet engagements on Singularity. The test will take place on Thursday at 11:00 GMT, and another is tentatively slated for 15:00, dependent upon what CCP learns from the previous fights. CCP Tanis lays out how players can get involved:

  • Make a copy of the current Tranquility (TQ) client
  • Patch the copied client to the Singularity build
  • Login to the Singularity test server
  • Join the in-game channel "TanisFleet"
  • Fit yourself with a battleship, close-range setup with drones and use weapon grouping
  • Listen for instructions and ask questions in-channel
CCP Tanis' call to arms has more info about their reasons behind the Singularity tests, and is being discussed on the EVE Online forums right now.
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